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F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S

Below you will find some common questions and answers, if you have further queries please get in touch via our contact us page.


Can I really get planning permission without having to pay anything?

Yes! Costs covered include architectural, legal, marketing and estate agent fee's once the site goes on sale. Your cash input will be ZERO. 


Fee's required typically run into ten's of thousands of pounds so understandably you may lack the capital required or simply would prefer not to tie up funds you could be using elsewhere.


Who might be interested in this type of proposition?

Liasing with the various parties involved can be time intensive and requires a level of experience which can be daunting. As your partner, we offer our expertise and a single point of contact making the process as straightforward as possible.

It can also be an expensive process which is why offer to cover all the fee's.


Why should I choose to partner with BCL Architecture?

As Architects we bring considerable expertise in gaining approval for your site, we regularly work with private clients and developers on similar projects. We are experienced in the planning process and its requirements from start to finish.


Depending on the size of the proposed development we are also willing to waive our architectural fee should you choose to partner with us- potentially saving tens of thousands of pounds.


Which type of agreement works best?

We believe Promotion agreements work best as the interests of both parties are aligned by seeking the highest value possible when selling the site.


With Option agreements, the developer's interests conflict with the landowner as naturally they will want to purchase the site for as little as possible. Sites which sell on the open market can achieve up to 30% higher values than those agreed prior.


What do BCL Architecture get from the deal proposed?

Should planning be achieved, we look for reimburstment of the associated costs plus a small percentage of the increase in value of the site to offset the risk we have taken.

This is paid via the sale of the site, thereby allowing you to potentially triple your land value (or more) for no upfront costs and at no risk to you personally.


What happens if we enter into agreement but planning cannot be obtained?

Should planning permission be unachievable the agreement becomes void and both parties walk away. Any cost's incurred to that point remain payable by us.


What happens when planning permission is passed?

Once planning is granted the site is to be sold, as per the terms of the agreement.

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